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Traditions Vs Technology:  Letters and Emails

Traditions Vs Technology: Letters and Emails

The world does not stand still and the new generation receive, send, file and digest their information on computers, tablets and other 'smart' devices. What does this mean?

It certainly is a cheaper, more convenient and certainly more direct way of communicating. It is immediate, the sender cannot hide from the communication. There is even a read receipt often attached so that the send knows that the recipient has the email. There is no hiding place. So the current way of sending letters or information is by email rather than post, or 'snail mail' as it is often referred.

However email has drawbacks:

  • The item sent could be considered impersonal
  • The message could be part of a blanket communication & therefore contain incorrect information
  • The message may not always be sent to the right person as the list could be incorrect or even contain out of date addresses

It could be argued that these reasons apply even if the message was being sent by post, rather than by email however, strangely, it is much more acceptable for the person to have moved and the sender not be updated than it is to send the electronic communication to the wrong person. Typically, when changing your personal or business email address, you will notify your contacts of a change and supply your 'new' email.

This is a matter of acceptability of the new way forward. It certainly is cheaper to send the communication by email. Postage costs, not just time and stationery are soaring and becoming a real cost to any organisation that sends a lot of items out to customers or suppliers. A 1st class stamp costs 64p, while the cheaper (and slower) second class option costs 55p.

Consider how much easier it is to bank online. Therefore it is so much easier to communicate online. The issue being that any communication must be tailored and headed up correctly for it to be accepted as being personal. Any fault with the communication will be communicated back almost immediately.

How many times have items of post gone to the wrong address or carried the wrong name spelling and still been accepted? Many times, but this is not acceptable in the immediate world of electronic communication.

Email is the present and the future, it matches and marries the new generations way of dealing with business communication. It is impersonal and yet is much more direct. The responses are better than sending letters. The postal system is outdated and will change as costs soar and the number of items being sent reduce. 

Do you have a good example where tradition is fast being replaced with technology? Comment below.

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