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BREXIT: A Reflection

BREXIT: A Reflection

Now that some of the dust has settled, it is worth reviewing the outcome of the vote, the politics of the last 2 months, as it has happened and of course, consider the effect of the vote on the future. Firstly though, some comments;

- A binding referendum is no way to govern a country nor to seek ratification of direction of policy

 - A majority of 52% is surely not a true mandate to take that direction

 - The debate and how it was put forward from either party belittled the electorate, it was poor, ill thought through and the effect of this extremely low key and disrespectful campaign was the cause that gave the result that everyone least expected......it was a very clear wake up call to the elected elite in Westminster, that they were underperforming

 - Those that voted for one particular persuasion were not all from a particular section of society, different social classes, ethnicities voted 'yes'.

Question yourself, what would the result had been had the establishment backed Brexit?

So we are where we are, we have Brexit and a new prime minister, with a brand new cabinet as well. We have a clear short term plan. We also have ministers in place to deliver the plan.


- A great new opportunity for the country. Many see it as that, despite voting Remain. The UK Can now go its own way and forge trading agreements with countries without another superior body looking over its shoulder. It is free of shackles.

 - The reason that the UK will not nor need not contribute any more to the bureaucratic government of Europe based in Brussels. savings will be made.

- The ability for the UK to pass it's own laws and rules. Legislation will become simpler.

- The end of the Euro, (a central currency for Europe) existing in the UK. The central bank is not having to waiver.

Over the course of the last 40 years governments have had to contend with the what if question, what if we were to become more fully integrated? No-one has been able to answer this difficult question and many have not only fudged it but also lost their political careers and direction because of it. At last the UK has a clear direction. There is one way to go. 

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