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Nine Qualities of a Good Leader

Nine Qualities of a Good Leader

Being a good or great leader is an art, not a science. There are many soft skills required and they are, in no particular order;


The need to listen to your staff, clients and customers, to discover their needs and wants and not to go off on a tangent and provide something else. Listening is a skill to be learnt to enable you to sit in and be in someone else's shoes. It will make you a better person as you will understand where people are driving to.


Any leader has to set themselves a vision to encompass a goal to be able to see where they are going and where they are taking their business. Just trading and taking anything that comes along is a road to disaster.

Does not panic under pressure

During the life of a leader there will be occasions when events transpire to stop or halt progress. Under this pressure the leader must not panic. Time will heal and enable you to overcome the panic. The pressure will be there but handle it. Take deep breaths, work out and create good habits.

Under react, if anything

Under reacting could be seen as either being calm or not understanding the crisis as it looms. Do not take criticism in this department, create a plan and react accordingly in a measured way. Let those around you know the plan and get buy in.

Define a strategy

As with vision above create a plan or strategy. Once in place any deviation can easily be handled. The deviation to a set plan can be tailored in and one can see the upside of any such alteration or development.

Thinks outside the box

Always give yourself plenty of thinking time. Do not work in the business but on it. A very old adage but worth always recalling as you find Friday's come along far too quickly.

Looks at matters realistically

Be practical. Do not always think the worse, it will not always turn out like that. Realistic vision will work well and enable a clear thought process.

When the going goes well, do not take that as standard

Yes, take the upside but do not then over invest or buy expensive toys for yourself. A down time will come along as quickly. It does not take much for your largest customer to leave or be bankrupt. Caution with fun, would be the motto.

Always look to improve

Continually question yourself and look to improve your outlook and whatever you are doing. Challenge yourself to become a good leader.

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