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3 behaviour traits of smart entrepreneurs

Each week I've been sharing a blog post on the subject of entrepreneurs. In my book 'Drive Like a Real Entrepreneur', I write about intelligence and while generally this means in the current world you are smart, you may not be smart enough to run a business. Smart in this context means you are;

1. Quick on your feet

Whenever you see a politician interviewed and we have seen many such instances in the last few weeks you are always left with the overriding impression that while they may not have answered the question they are able to give an answer of sorts -promptly. They are quick on their feet. This is because they are trained to speak and also to speak to provide the listener with the answer that they wish to give, so they turn every question around, which means they do not directly answer the question but do speak on the issue that is presented. Entrepreneurs do not have to satisfy the political classes.

Smart entrepreneurs train themselves to concentrate intensely for that one second that the question is posed and provide a measured and very sensible reaction and answer. They will see the wider issues and complexities involved with the question and answer appropriately in that context.

2. See the opportunities ahead

Vision is something that not a lot of people possess. Vision and the answers to the questions posed above provide outcome. The entrepreneur or the successful and smart person will be able to visualise the outcome and result having provided the answers to the questions posed.

They will also see any opportunities rather than them just occurring. To some extent the smart entrepreneur will ensure that they make the opportunity happen. This relates back to luck and accumulative advantage which is discussed at length in my book.

3. Resourceful

Life is full of hard knocks, not least when you start a business. An entrepreneur will need to balance all manner of things at once. This may be dealing with a customer’s expectations, a supplier who has not provided the right material or a difficult employee.

The smart entrepreneur will be able to put all of this issues in context and deal with them individually and as if they were the most important issue at the time. The effect is such that the customer, supplier and employee are made to feel special and warm. The entrepreneur then get the best out of that person and the situation.

These resources are critical to the success of the entrepreneur. Next week I shall be talking about why bad book keeping = bad business. In the meantime connect with me via Twitter @entrepreneuruk1

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