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5 Signs You're An Entrepreneur

Each week I cover a new subject here on my blog, based primarily on the character traits of the entrepreneur. This week, in a quest to learn whether or not you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur, I've identified the '5 Signs You're an Entrepreneur'.  Match yourself to these and maybe you too have what it takes to become a successful entrepeneur.

1. You take action This effectively means that you do not wait for others to make the decisions. You actually generate activity and are not reactive to situations. This is commonly known as being proactive. In my book I refer to having internal power. You do not wait for chance or others. This is an important trait to possess.

2 You are creative and forward thinking By setting out on any route to any destination you need to plan the route. You need to understand the twists and turns that you need to take. Creating and thinking ahead to start and run a business is no different. You need to consider the events that are likely to occur and have a plan for those occurrences. You could even put this to akin to a disaster recovery plan for IT, but it is not, as there will be small and minor problems along the way that you WILL have to manage and cope with. Think ahead and plan.

3. You enjoy responsibility You may set out not necessarily considering the responsibility that you have taken on, nor will take on. However, very shortly as you engage with customers and the supply chain it will be evident, none more so as you employ your team. You are responsible for their wages and salaries for their families’ well-being. The entrepreneur is an organised and responsible person.

4. You are motivated You have to be motivated to deal with the difficult issues and clients. Do not shirk the difficult calls nor conversations. They will only get worse the longer you leave them. If you are successful then the motivation comes easily as you will move from project to project and soon be in a positon to dictate how you manage your working day. That can motivate anyone, however if the reverse is true then you need the utmost motivation to work your way through it.

5. You engage with people This is probably the most important issue. That you can engage, motivate and converse with others. I have referred to this in my book as being the charisma that an entrepreneur requires. If you do not have this then your business may not take off as you would hope nor reach the levels you envisage. You must encourage those around you to work diligently on your behalf. A please and thank you goes an awful long way. Recognise that extra mile and give. It will come back to you.

Next week I shall be talking about creating realistic financial forecasts.

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