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America's Trump Card

America's Trump Card

It would not be a proper blog service without comment on last week's election result in America.

What a shock! But let's look at the result, the reasons and what Trump, may offer.

Unfortunately the campaign was nasty. There were accusations, rhetoric and events, which were clearly very unbecoming of both candidates. We can be sure that possibly both did not mean nor will carry out half of what they said. It appears it is already unraveling as parts of Obamacare may stay!

The loser, Mrs. Clinton seems to have been more reviled by the ordinary American than we can ever believe. Hence she was unable to pull off a victory and her political career seems to be finished. The winner Mr. Trump is an interesting character and is starting his new career, a political career which has been the prize he has cherished for many years. Let's look at some negatives and positives of this result.

The negatives for Mr. Trump;

·       He has never been in Political office and does not know the workings of Washington

·       He has worldwide business interests which could lead to a conflict of interest

·       He seems somewhat hot headed and can destroy people with a cutting and curt comment, which may not indulge him in the greatest of team building nor carry the population with him

·       He appears to be averse to detailed media interrogation, but likes the attention

·       A number of his policies and speeches seemed to deliver the undeliverable

The positives for a Trump Administration (mark the words);

·       Donald Trump could not have run the worldwide business empire on his own, not least during the last year on his run in to becoming president

·       He understands the need to engage top, intelligent aides and strategists

·       He completely 'gets' business and the fact that folk need work, jobs, hope and belief

·       He favors America above all else

·       There will be checks and balances in place to stop erratic behavior

However there are some words to watch for. They are:

·       Trump Force One

·       The Trump House

·       The Trump Street Journal or even Trump News, as once the media are controlled, heaven help us!!

If any of these become well known phrases in the first years of power, watch out!!

For all his impropriety and bravado, Trump – who is the first US president never to have held elected office or served in the military – understood that something fundamental had gone wrong in America, which was why his often unhinged tirades against immigration and free trade resonated with a class that felt alienated by liberals’ embrace of identity politics and wearied by the constant low-level, daily struggle to get by. Through the long, dispiriting campaign, Trump raised their expectations, and now that the Republicans have retained control he will have the opportunity to deliver on his boasts.

America, one of the world’s powerhouses now has a new “house of cards”. The American people (for or against Trump) must now wait and see the effect of the hand they’ve been dealt.  

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