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An Open Letter to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

An Open Letter to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

This is an open letter to aspiring entrepreneurs. Dear Entrepreneur,

In order to succeed, which is surely your end game, then you need to have certain very clear key attributes. These are:

Drive In order to be successful you need the drive to be able to see projects and initiatives through. To be able to have the vision to set targets with realistic objectives and to get them done. Completing and finishing tasks to have the drive to establish a reputation of trust to everyone with whom you deal is paramount to the success of any entrepreneur.

Energy Alongside the drive is the requirement for you to have unending energy to ensure that you keep going. It is not just enough to set these targets the once at the outset. It is not enough to think and consider that the completion of projects satisfies customers. You need to have the energy and foresight to re-engineer yourself all the while. This leads to a continuing requirement to energise yourself day after day, month after month and year after year.

Passion Alongside these attributes is passion. If you do not have the passion for your business nor the love of what you do to service customers and to keep key suppliers happy then your business will ‘wither on the vine’. It will die a natural death. One of the most interesting answers to my survey for my recent book was the result that each and every entrepreneur enjoyed their job, hence they were always thinking around and about their business as it developed.

Vision If you, as an entrepreneur do not possess the vision to create a strategy then there will be no future. You need to visualise the future and then create a strategy to get there. You need to make it fun and carry your team with you. To be able to communicate your vision to the team will enable you to develop the vision from being a concept to being a full blown strategy ready for implementation.

All in all you need to be a completer and finisher. You need to be able to see things through.

Success does not come easily and you will enjoy it when it comes. Work hard and your conscience will be clear. Work effectively and success will happen.

Do not accept failure or setbacks, they are the norm.

Yours sincerely

Robert Frith

Next week I will be discussing ‘How to Learn from Setback’. In the meantime, have a great week ahead and please share any comments you have on this article below. For insight into the behaviour and characteristics of entrepreneurs buy Drive Like a Real Entrepreneur for kindle here or buy a copy of the limited edition hardback (featuring a bonus chapter) here!

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