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Are entrepreneurs born or self-made? This new book seeks the answer

Entrepreneurialism is on the rise: according to official figures the number of self-employed workers has risen by more than 600,000 since 2010. But how many of them will make a success of their new venture? While some may be self-assured and even brilliant at starting a venture or seeing an opportunity, will they be capable of developing a sustainable business on the back of it? Others may face a different issue—they have a good background of running a business but no experience of going it alone.

It seems that only a minority have what it takes and just do it. Drive like a Real Entrepreneur aims to close the gap between the victorious few and those who lag far behind in the race for real business achievement.

Drive digs deep into what makes a successful entrepreneur. Through a series of detailed questionnaires and surveys, Robert Frith, business consultant and chartered accountant, has gathered information from entrepreneurs from many business sectors, unearthing gems of advice on the strategies of those who have made it.

That’s quite an achievement considering that successful entrepreneurs usually keep their cards close to their chest for very good commercial reasons.

With many years’ experience in business, Robert has seen scores of successes and failures, and, along with the content from the surveys, he shares real-life strategies and expert

Some entrepreneurs may be born—but many of them learned along the way. Drive points out the pitfalls as well as offering a roadmap to success.

‘Over the years I have read hundreds of business books, this is one of the few I actually finished. As a serial entrepreneur, I found myself smiling and chuckling as aspects of my own personality were described,’ says one testimonial.

Drive like a Real Entrepreneur is innovative, informative, intelligent and above all, inspiring. Written in a pithy and no-nonsense style, this insightful book provides tools and aides that any business person can use.

‘We should all empathise with the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurialism is good, not bad,’ writes Robert. The practical approach and frontline experience which is evident throughout this book sets it far apart from others. Some of the subjects covered are the intelligence, luck and position of the entrepreneur. What makes some succeed and yet some unfortunately fail? Drive shows how behaviour and thinking are more important than skill set, qualifications and education. And behaviour and thinking can be changed...

Robert explains the important part that stable and growing economies, plus government incentives, have to play in allowing the necessary activity of consumerism, tax structure and public funding to encourage the entrepreneur to not only survive but thrive.

Each chapter ends with a few leading questions; encouraging the reader to question themselves. This excellent self-help book should be recommended for students of Business Studies and those on entrepreneurship courses at university.

You are left with an overriding feeling that the entrepreneur can come from any walk of life, culture or background; they just need the right attributes to make them succeed. These are aptly summarised at the end of the book. Drive, energy and charisma alongside other skills are essential features of the make-up of the successful entrepreneur.

Go to www.real-entrepreneur.com to hear what Robert has to say about his book. Buy Drive there and get a free bonus chapter: The End Game: Selling your business. Here entrepreneurs talk candidly about their experiences—both good and bad—of selling their business.

Drive is an important investment for any business person, those who wish to start their own business, or students who are already planning to forge their own career path.

Drive like a Real Entrepreneur is published by Filament Publishing Ltd and is available from all good book retailers at £15 - ISBN 978-1-910125-49-6. A special extended edition is available direct from the author with free downloadable companion materials.

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