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Bond Means Business

Bond Means Business

Bond means business. This is not just the gritty determination he demonstrates carrying out his outlandish espionage missions, but the vast commercial impact that this iconic and powerful cultural hero provides. Bond is very British, but is this portrayed throughout the commercial spin offs?

British films contribute more than £4.6bn to the country’s GDP and also, £1.3bn to the exchequer, according to independent reports. Skyfall was the highest grossing film of all time in Britain, and it is envisaged Spectre will follow.

So what are the opportunities?

Bond 'is' Great Britain A clear slogan or catchphrase targeted at tourism. We often see many of the major tourist destinations in the film and this is designed to excite and interest those viewers from overseas to visit these shores and to join the ‘hype’.

Brands Product placement is evident throughout the move. This takes the form of;

- Drinks, the famous ‘shaken not stirred’ will occur and titillate the audience or the partaking of classy champagne is always a famous ‘fall back’ position for the evergreen Bond.

- Watches and apparel. It will not go unnoticed that Bond wears the very best. Many suppliers would love to be on that list. Omega sponsor James Bond.

- Technology products. Bond will have the latest gadgets and the suppliers will ensure we will know who they are, what they do and the marketplace for them. Sony have had a longstanding association with Bond.

Behaviour In my book ‘Drive like a Real Entrepreneur’ I talk about entrepreneurial behaviour. The government are trying to coach our behaviour as being social (not anti-social), self-improvement for health (proactive well-being) and education (continual training).

Bond’s behaviour is that of a sophisticated, upper class gentleman with all that goes with it. He partakes in the hobbies you would expect, he wears the best clothes and he is well groomed and takes care of himself. The products that he uses are on show throughout. The area which is perhaps beyond most of our means are his driving habits. It might be nice to see him in an ‘ordinary’ car (no makes mentioned), especially when they get damaged as we are sure that any insurer must be wincing at the damage caused.

Please keep spying Mr Bond, the country needs you!

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