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Business Studies and / or Entrepreneurship Courses

‘Drive like a Real Entrepreneur’ is my new, recently launched book, which provides a refreshingly different way to look at what makes an entrepreneur and the ingredients required to become one. Drive like a Real Entrepreneur

This book can help all business studies, startups, and entrepreneurship courses students in 6th forms, colleges or universities. It is a hands-on and practical advice guidebook and you can find the following five star book review on Amazon online.

Stunning book instantly likeable and engaging. My students will love this book. Why? Because Robert talks to them in a language that they understand about the real world and personal attributes, that fuel successful and innovative business adventures. Each chapter is a tailor made study unit with synopsis, principles, anecdotal development and self-assessment exercises. Nothing short of brilliant.

In the book, there are specific comments on the characteristics of being an entrepreneur, together with up-to-date, practical and useful management tools and techniques for entrepreneurs. In my next few blogs, I will share with you a couple of these tools, as a sample of what you can find in my new book. I hope these will be helpful for you all: business studies and management students; business owners and startups; and existing and aspiring entrepreneurs!

The book is not a ‘how to’ book. It is very different and so much more than that. It makes the reader self-question their own attributes. It asks you: Are they entrepreneurial?

Another testimonial, this time included in the front of the book, from the world of education, from a head of department at a leading public school said.

‘I have not been able to put your book down! It doesn’t romanticise or attempt to hide the fact that success has to be earned and that real grit and courage are needed to instigate and promote a new business. Anyone studying business studies or economics should read this book.’

This clearly promotes this book as being a leading work and text book for those in business and entrepreneurial studies. For example, a university undergraduate student has based their end of course thesis on this book, the new entrepreneur’s survey that it contains and its results.

What to do next in lessons; the students can answer the survey. They can match their own results to those of the entrepreneurs.

The students can establish if they have internal power, from answering the questionnaire in the book, which gives them the drive to be entrepreneurial.

Students can develop their own tools and methods to;

  • be lucky;
  • improve their inter-personal skills;
  • know themselves;
  • understand the need for a team effort; and
  • develop their understanding of logic and mathematics.

I have two speaker engagements for business studies students confirmed in February. If you’d like more details please email me at Robert@real-entrepreneur.com

This book is a must for those studying business. Give it a go for yourself and the team in your class and let me know how you get on. If you have any questions, please let me know - I look forward to hearing from you.



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