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What Every Entrepreneur Wants for Christmas

What Every Entrepreneur Wants for Christmas

As an entrepreneur running your own business, you will undoubtedly, reflect after another year in business. You need to consider what has been achieved throughout the year just passed. However, it is now the Festive season and the entrepreneur needs to consider the effect this will have on his/her business, as a break from work beckons and as a New Year dawns. So, what does a entrepreneur want for Christmas? Business wins ..

• Big contract - Perhaps that win of a profitable new contract before the break and starting immediately thereafter would be the best present.

• Unexpected positive cash flow - At this time of year there are always expenses but not always the cash flow to match. Many businesses struggle to find the wages or salaries for December and it is a notorious time for businesses failing as sales receipts do not match expectations. So, an unexpected larger than normal positive cash flow, would be a great bonus.

• Settlement of a problem - During the year, there will have been many issues for the entrepreneur to handle. However, if one can be cleared through December, perhaps a long lasting one or even one that demands considerable time and expenses then it will be a huge ‘win’.

• Clean sheet for new year - This leads on to having a ‘clean sheet’ for the New Year, with clear and obtainable objectives set. (see next week’s blog).

• Some thinking time - Christmas and the end of a year can give the entrepreneur clear thinking time of the way forward for their business and themselves.

• Motivational office party - A great firm’s party, involving everyone, with partners and something different can only be motivational.

Stocking fillers ..

• Management books - As an entrepreneur you must be learning and developing all the while. Ask for new management books for Christmas. Take a look at my recent blog, recommending 5 books. Also, read them, do not out them to one side and wait for a holiday.

• Not a stress ball - You do not need a stress ball nor the calendars with management tips and advice. However reading Dogbert is always fun.

• Giving nice presents - Take time out to give nice presents to those nearest and dearest.

• Something for your favourite hobby - Ask for something for your favourite hobby. Golf, fishing, photography, boating or lessons to learn or do.

• Some down time with family - Make sure that there are 3 or 4 clear days spent with the family. Do not rush back to work. Read emails in a quiet moment if you have to, but take a break. Everyone else is and no-one really wants to hear from you.

Overall enjoy the moment.

Next week I shall be discussing the importance of looking back (2015), but also LOOKING FORWARD (setting objectives and plans for 2016). In the meantime, please follow me on social media: Twitter – Facebook – LinkedIn. Merry Christmas, Robert Frith.

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