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Entrepreneur's Internal Power

‘Drive like a Real Entrepreneur’ is my new book launched last week at the Institute of Directors, Pall Mall, London. Book launch with publisher Chris Day

In the book, I describe the characteristics of being an entrepreneur, along with up-to-date, practical and useful management tools and techniques for entrepreneurs to use in their businesses.  In my next couple of blogs, I will share with you some of these tools, as a sample of what you can find in my new book. I hope these will be helpful for many of you; existing and aspiring entrepreneurs; start-ups; and business owners, alike!

One of the key characteristics to becoming an entrepreneur, Chapter 4, is the drive and internal power that the person possesses. Internal power is where your inner belief dominates your behaviour and outward activity.

TIP: if you want to boost your internal power, set yourself manageable tasks on a list, complete and achieve them. Most chief executives and people in senior positions in organisations realise that their personal interventions obtain positive responses. The results being that their objectives and goals are achieved and obtained. They are known as ‘completers/finishers’.

Belbin's Team Roles - Completer

Please note that those with this stand out internal power as a character trait are in the minority.

In contrast, external power refers to those who allow outside influence and chance to dominate the outcome there are seeking to achieve. These people find their lives and experiences deeply affected by people in more influential positions. They cannot control their own destiny.

Chance means you do not take control and you firmly believe events lead you.

One of the most sought after desires of an entrepreneur and business leader is to control their own destiny. This is achieved with extremely strong internal power as an overriding character trait alongside self-belief.

There is a complete questionnaire of 21 questions for you to analyse yourself on page 109 in Chapter 4 of my new book “Drive like a Real Entrepreneur”. You can mark yourself and see the results.

Do you leave your fate and the outcome of your new business to chance or external power?

Do you have the internal power and drive to make your business the success you deserve?

The strength of this simple survey is its direct implications for you, the entrepreneur, but also it can be shared with your staff and team. As such, it  is a powerful  empowerment tool for others and a powerful indicator tool for you - to determine who are business leaders in your organisation.

Used effectively, you can plan for succession and promote the’ intrapreneurs’ within your business to be entrepreneurs and the next generation of business leaders driving your business forward.

Give it a go for yourself and your team and let me know how you get on.

If you have any questions, please let me know and I look forward to receiving your comments.

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