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Five Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Just because you are a business owner does not mean that you should give up or cease your own development. Continuing professional development (CPD) or continuing professional education (CPE) is the means by which people maintain their knowledge and skills related to their professional lives learning. Reading management books and attending courses can also play a vital role in becoming a well-rounded entrepreneur. So, this weeks blog sees me recommend Five Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read. Without further ado, these are;

‘Define Yourself’ by MonaLisa Chukwuma The concept of not just branding your goods and services but yourself is unique in the business world. MonaLisa's book provides a step by step guide on how you to go about delivering a blueprint for a personal brand. The personal brand, in my view, can only overrun into your business.

‘Emotional Resilience’ by Geetu Bharwaney Pressure, stress and annoying problems are all part of life, especially at work. By developing your emotional resilience you make yourself bulletproof and can be ready for even the most challenging situations. Geetu's book helps you to get things done, move ahead and set goals so you realise the best you can.

‘Productivity Ninja’ by Graham Allcott In the age of information overload, traditional time management techniques don't always cut it. You need to use agile techniques, work smarter, get your inbox to zero and cut down time spent on unproductive meetings. This book will revolutionise your approach to work.

‘The Great investors’ by Glen Arnold While it may be some time before anyone invests in your new business, it is a very worthwhile exercise to read how the ‘great’ investors choose their investment profile. The key issues that determine what these ‘super investors’ wish to invest in and how much they invest tells an intriguing story. It will enable you to continually analyse your own performance.

‘Drive Like a Real Entrepreneur’ by Robert Frith No new business book list is complete without this book. It determines the drive, energy and passion that is required to become a successful entrepreneur. The book includes many management techniques that you can use yourself and in your own new business venture.

It is a real commitment to write a book and an extremely fulfilling exercise once achieved. I have enjoyed it and the tremendous feedback from those who have read it.

All of the books mentioned above will enable you to develop and make your venture successful. Hopefully they will make you look inside from outside.

Please let me know of you have any comments or queries.

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