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Four Habits of a ‘Super Entrepreneur’

Entrepreneurs must continually drive their business forward. However, not every entrepreneur is able to successfully do this. Entrepreneurs that repeatedly enjoy success are sometimes known as a 'Super Entrepreneur'. There are clear signs and character traits that make them stand out from the crowd. 'Super Entrepreneurs’, make these traits their habits. These habits include;

They know what they want. This may be a sales order or a customer sign off. This type of entrepreneur knows how to close a deal. By definition they are closers. They walk out with the order.

They get the job done. This may take the form of completing a project or writing 10 emails. Again, this type of entrepreneur ensures that his in tray is empty. They are known as being completers/finishers.

Notwithstanding these two clear stand out traits, there are other areas where super entrepreneurs will not stand still and these can be considered to be slightly softer skills.

A Super Entrepreneur will;

Continually learn and develop. This is obviously self-development, however ‘super entrepreneurs’ will never rest and will continually strive to improve themselves and re-engineer their firm. They see the cycle of evolution as being one in which they began as they set out in the workplace and one which does not cease. Standing still is moving backwards, particularly in this technological age.

See obstacles as exciting challenges. An obstacle or a problem is an opportunity. It is to be overcome. It will also give a clear insight to the ability of the business created by the entrepreneur, to not only withstand competition and challenges but also to move forward taking this adaptation in its stride.

Know the importance of timing. In life sometimes, it is the timing of development and change that is more important than the change itself. You can do things too early and no-one in your marketplace is ready or you can do things too late and be seen as being slow and cumbersome and unready for change. Timing becomes critical to developing that perception to others that you are modern, efficient and pro-active.

Engage with others. This is perhaps the one habit that you are born with rather than being self-made and taught. As a super entrepreneur, you do need to have the ability to encourage, develop and coach others around you. This is the charisma to get others working for you and going that extra mile. You need to imbue entrepreneurialism into your team. Make them the next generation of entrepreneur.

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