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Tradition Vs Technology: Amazon and The High Street

Tradition Vs Technology: Amazon and The High Street

It’s inevitable, as technology advances our traditional culture is lost. Regardless of industry, entrepreneurs must embrace technology in a bid to remain up to date and to ensure they are 'down with the cool kids’. There’s no finer example than what is currently happening with the habits of consumers online, something which is paid close attention during the festive season.

Towards the closing stages of each year, news reports surface highlighting the amount of purchases which  have been made online, compared to footfall on the high street. Year on year the percentage of purchases made online increases, but why? Let’s examine what the benefits are for both sources of supply and why there is a consistent shift in consumer buying habits.

Amazon & online

• Ease and comfort - Online shopping can be carried out anywhere (so long as you have a internet connection). At your desk, in the comfort of your own home. This is particularly significant during seasonal weather.

• Any time, time saver - This can be done at any time, and if you are a busy person, you can make the time at the beginning or end of the day, alongside all the other activities you have to do. Online shops don't close like the high street.

• Any supplier - You can choose from any supplier, from your preferred makes or brands to those you had not heard of before. Others recommendations can be reviewed at the click of a button.

• Immediate choice and decision -There is an immediate choice to be had and decision to be made.

• Price comparison- It is easy from screen to screen to make comparisons in prices and value, sizes and quantities. If the shop is out of stock there is no wasted journey.

• Home delivery - Simple home delivery or local drop off, is readily available.

• DSR - Distance Selling Regulations mean that many of us receive additional rights on purchases made online in the UK. Merchants are obligated to abide by this UK law and therefore must accept returns for a number of reasons which they aren't necessarily accepted on the high street.

• No journey time, parking fees nor stress as a result of traffic.

The time taken to visit the shops is one thing but if public transport is not running properly or the traffic is heavy and parking difficult, why bother?

The ‘high street’/shopping centre

• An event - Shopping can be an event, something to look forward to. You may be going to a new place or combining it with another social activity such as meeting a friend. There are lots of people and the interaction with the side shows, stalls and markets can be fun.

• Family bonding - This can be a central day out for the family. You understand what makes each other ‘tick’, your needs and wants. Some surprises may come out of the day.

• Test and see actual items, try on - You can pick up and feel certain items to see that they are exactly what you need. Counsel shop staff to see that there are parts or the necessary support. You can try on goods.

• Lunch, day out - The day can be linked to a visit to a nice restaurant or just taking on some food on the move, whichever, the time taken is a day out, not to be missed. Go early, pick non peak time and miss the last minute rushes.

• No wait, nor concern about wrong items - Once selected there will be fewer items that need returning and you do not have the concern of late deliveries

• Sales - This may be your personal goal, to attend the sales. The retail industry has cottoned on to this and there are online sales, but nothing quite like the fun of getting that bargain at the head of the queue.

As always technology is good but needs handling carefully and its introduction thought through in detail. Each to their own, there is a place for both. Which do you prefer?

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*Image courtesy of Andrew Roberts/Wikipedia

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