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Key Ingredients to Being a Good Leader

Key Ingredients to Being a Good Leader

In order to run a business and be and entrepreneur there are many skills involved not least, leadership. This can come in many forms and determines respect from those that you employ and form part of your team, but the leadership skills have to be evident to obtain the best from those in your that you do lead.

The key ingredients are;

To have a vision and strategy

Without a map of where you are going, you won't know where you are going. Create a strategy such that everyone can buy in to the long term plan

To display trust

Always give a balanced and measure view of matters in hand. Create a trust by holding sensitive information to yourself, divulge the necessary pieces of information to those who know and also lead by example.

To demonstrate clear thought

This can manifest itself in a number of ways. Get to the bottom of problems, don't shirk any responsibility, handle difficult situations yourself, such that those involved who you lead know that you will support them. With a clear way forward explain to those around how the problem came about and how it is to be handled going forward.

To be consistent in action

all of these will develop to be a consistency of action, such that your team, know in advance how you will react. They will themselves develop and take responsibility, which will make your role and job easier. They will start to take decisions that you need only ratify. Thereby you are creating a culture which will create an image of service and reliability.

All of these wrapped up, with an application to work hard can make you a good leader. Try it for yourself!

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