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Entrepreneurs vs Hustlers, what’s the difference?

Drive like a Real Entrepreneur’ is the title of my new book, launched recently and selling well. One of the first sections covered discusses entrepreneurial behaviour. Does that behaviour make you an entrepreneur or a hustler? Drive like a Real Entrepreneur

In the book, there are specific comments on the characteristics of being an entrepreneur, together with up-to-date, practical and useful management tools and techniques for entrepreneurs. In my forthcoming blogs, I will continue to share with you a couple of these tools as well as asking telling questions. This is a sample of what you can find in the book. I hope these will be helpful for many of you, existing and aspiring entrepreneurs!

The book is not a ‘how to’ book. It is very different and so much more than that. It makes the reader self-question their own attributes. Are they entrepreneurial?

So, entrepreneurs; • Achieve • Facilitate change • Engage and motivate • Organise and evaluate • Have strong personal presence

Above all they break down barriers and have self-confidence, they ‘agitate’.

So what makes them different from hustlers who could be said to be very similar in outlook and that is what I discuss at length in the book.

Entrepreneurs have 5 strong traits, two being that they are responsible and are organised.

The survey I conducted to complete the book asked some extremely telling questions.

• Have you ever felt self-indulgent? 36% of the entrepreneurs said ‘yes’. This answer would surely be higher from the ‘hustler’. The ‘hustler’ would be looking to spend the trappings of success on themselves.

• Is the first bill you look to pay government taxes? 52% of the entrepreneurs said ‘yes’. This would surely be lower from the ‘hustler’. The ’hustler’ would find the tax as available and free funds to spend.

• Do you save for your government taxes to be able to pay them on time? 72% said yes, make up your own mind what the ‘hustler’ would do…….

In most cases an entrepreneur is responsible, they want to build a sustainable business, service their customers, pay their suppliers and reward their staff.

The hustler would potentially see each deal as a one off. Perhaps not provide any after care service, leave suppliers in the chain behind them ‘squealing’ unpaid or paid short. Also perhaps, serially leave companies to creditors to wind up.

One of the easiest forms of credit when starting a business is not paying the tax when it is due – ‘hustlers’ could end up having many dissolved companies to their name!

Tax can honestly be forgotten or overlooked but more than likely it is seen as a form of easy credit. The hustler is likely to move from company to company and while company law tries to defend the honest from being involved many get left along the way unpaid in the wake of the hustler. A good reputation and longevity in business go a long way. Be the respected entrepreneur in town.

There are a large number of management tools contained within my new book. Use them to establish whether or not you are an entrepreneur. Purchase here.

If you have any questions, please let me know - I look forward to hearing from you.

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