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Review of 2015 & Setting Objectives for 2016

Review of 2015 & Setting Objectives for 2016

As 2015 draws to a close, you will undoubtedly reflect after what has hopefully been another successful year in business. You must consider what has been achieved throughout the year, however, more importantly it is worth considering what can or needs to be achieved in the year ahead. This is the best time to look back, but also LOOK FORWARD

What will 2016 bring for the entrepreneur? Will there be any fundamental or seismic shifts in the economy in which you operate, some government incentives, further tax changes or initiatives to understand or any areas of development in the marketplace which may be attributable to you or your business?

Undoubtedly there will be one major issue amongst many others that affect you, but to; • stay competitive, • remain ahead of the marketplace, • be a 'thought leader' in your arena you need to change, develop and above all, plan.

The easiest way to do this is to take some time out during the next 2 weeks.

Consider individually: • yourself, • your direct reports, • and the business that is yours, in it's entirety.

The business needs to be moved forward.

Next, take some time to consider the disciplines important to your business. These could well be: • the marketing, • the sales process, • your service and offering, • and the impact of technology.

With all of this in mind, consider and plan some initiatives to be undertaken and delivered by each quarter during 2016. By reviewing them broken down in to these constituent parts, you are enabling yourself to create some objectives for individuals, including yourself to develop themselves and the parts of the business which are critical to its overall success.

The objectives set out in ‘bite size’ chunks can be managed and achieved throughout the year. Such that there are no surprises at the end if any are not achieved. Thereby you are managing the team through the year.

Some examples, each quarter throughout the year may be in technology: Q 1: review point of sales cash recording, recommend change of system and alternatives Q 2: review KPI’s, recommend changes Q 3: implement the changes Q 4: measure and quantify benefits of these changes to the business

Some examples may be for yourself: Q1: deliver a programme of seminars for customers/clients Q2: network to intermediaries and agents Q3: consider influencing your marketplace by speaking at leading events Q4: read 6 management books through the year

These objectives need to be obtainable and deliverable by those who are charged to do them.

Overall they need to be fun to do! If they are, then they will get done! Next week I shall be discussing the Economic Outlook for 2016. In the meantime, please follow me on social media: Twitter – Facebook – LinkedIn.

Economic Outlook for 2016

Economic Outlook for 2016

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