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What Can Entrepreneurs Learn from Sports Leaders?

A major driving force behind becoming a successful entrepreneur is being able to make your venture profitable. Unsurprisingly, there are some clear parallels with successful entrepreneurs and leading sportsmen and women. To be able to partake in a particular sport you generally need expert training and teaching. Then you will need to practice until you reach the desired level. An entrepreneur will encounter the same issues as they focus, discipline themselves and create the single minded attitude as he/she develops their business.

However, while there are similarities, it is not so much the individual sportsperson that can be mirrored or compared to an entrepreneur, it is more the social setting and the areas attributable to the team player that would be comparable. An entrepreneur has to not only know himself/herself but also know how to encourage motivate and develop the team that he/she creates.

In some sports, there is a captain who leads the team. What attributes does he/she have that the other players don’t? Also, are these the same attributes that a manager, director or entrepreneur possess in business too? Here's my top three:

1. The captain has to make decisions for the benefit of the team. The team have to accept these and play on a unified front. The entrepreneur has to do the same.

2. The manager of a team has to select, coach and motivate the best players to perform at a particular point in time and against different opposition. At all times those playing and perhaps not performing have to be at peak fitness and mentally focussed for the entire team’s well being and results. The management team in a business have to be the same and of course, recent history has shown that successful sports people have spoken on leadership courses with business people and vice a versa.

3. Owners and other vested stakeholders. The unique challenges and pressures of leading a professional sports team are similar to those of business leaders. What goes on behind the scenes at the training ground and in the dressing room is comparable to most work places.

Entrepreneurs can take a lot from sports leaders. It's important to note that sports and business today are very similar. Both are about enabling people to perform at their very best, however the majority of businesses don't really look at their teams performance in the depths that sports leader do.

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