This is the official website of Robert Frith, owner of Frith & Co and author of Drive Like a Real Entrepreneur.


Business blogs

Following the release of his book, Robert now enjoys sharing regular material via the blog page of this website. Discussing a range of topics and newsworthy issues, he seeks to share opinion and guidance relating to business, entrepreneurs and start ups for all levels of professionals.  


Speaking engagements

Building on the success of Drive Like a Real Entrepreneur, Robert has visited schools and colleges to explain and encourage entrepreneurialism. He also runs a series of FREE accounting/ tax seminars in Surrey, details of which can be found via the button below.


Purchase the book

So you've visited this website, read Robert's blogs, now it's time you read the book! Visit the shop below and purchase your limited edition copy of Drive Like a Real Entrepreneur. Both the standard paperback and kindle edition are available to purchase via Amazon